Saturday, October 23, 2010

Lovely Sunday

What a lovely Sunday the house is still clean after a photo shoot on Thursday , wow did that get the studio clean
Then three days On Bruny Island with lush weather, lush food and wonderful company.
Today Sunday we celebrate Lu Lu's 2nd birthday. dolls and prams very cute. amity made a great cake, champagne in the sun and I would love a siesta but with 5 kids destroying my clean house ... that will not happen.
Tommy and Archie are stuck in the chook pen and Rosemary the lamb is loosing her lambness.
Sold a few dresses to Ally to her delightful twins so in all its been a great day.
I created a great sale on web so take alot. xx haidee

Miss Haidee Online Shop

Miss Haidee Online Shop
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Find Miss Haidee @
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